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Tryout Frequently Asked Questions

 1. When are tryouts? Always the first Monday after Thanksgiving. We get started at 3:00pm and generally go until 5:30pm.

2. Where are tryouts? Trinity High School Campus, in the back.

3. Who is eligible to tryout? 9th - 12th graders.

4. What do I need for tryouts? Cleats, shorts, sweats (to stay warm), shirt, running shoes, a ball with your name on it, shin guards, a physical completed on the school UIL physical form (9th grade year physical or a copy of it), and a copy of your previous report card.

5. How does the selections process work? Boys: The best 15 to 20 players will be selected to play varsity, next 15 will be selected to play Junior Varsity. Boys can have 9th graders on the JV due to not having a junior high program. Girls: The best 15 to 20 players will be selected to play Varsity. Freshman not on varsity are required to return to their junior highs to play soccer.

6. What do I need to do to notify my junior high? A letter from your parents stating your intentions to tryout for high school soccer to your principal, lead counselor, and a copy to your Head Soccer Coach at the high school.

7. If I don't make it as a freshman, can I tryout again next fall? Many players return in the fall and make the team. We always welcome anyone back who wants to try again.

8. How do I get to Trinity? According to HEB School District rules, your parents are legally responsible for getting you to and from practices.

9. How do I get out of school? You must sign out just as you would to leave school for any other reason.

 10. Do you recommend anything else? Yes! It would help us as coaches if you would send us the following contact information:

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Dear Future Trojans:

 We are excited every year at the prospects of new Trojans joining our program. We have worked very hard to establish a winning tradition here at Trinity High School when it comes to our soccer programs. We hope you are excited to be a part of it. Please take the time to fill out the Player Profile below.

*We encourage your parents to join and participate in our Trinity Soccer Booster Club.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at... - Boys Head Coach 

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